Steven A. Talerman, DDS

Porcelain Laminate Veneer

The development of new adhesive materials and advanced techniques has enabled dentists to permanently affix thin custom-made veneers of porcelain to the front surfaces of teeth, which dramatically changes your smile in a short time. Veneers are conservative in their preparation, thus preserving tooth structure. There is a minimal amount of tooth reduction, which makes them a better choice than crowns when conditions allow. Porcelain Veneers can change the shape, size, and color of the teeth to give you the smile you always dreamed of. Most of the actors and models you see every day have porcelain veneers. Veneers are especially effective for closing spaces; straightening misaligned teeth and covering heavily discolored and otherwise stained teeth. Lasting longer than bleaching or bonding, Porcelain Veneers have a life expectancy of 10+ years. They are resistant to stains and chips, are extremely natural looking, and won't discolor over time.

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